A mother’s pride…

The power that you hold to unquestionably mess up another human being…I guess it doesn’t really occur until you have a child or responsibility for another person. I had naively thought that I would understand this burden of responsibility when I became a mum and yet despite working with kids, and knowing the impact that … Continue reading A mother’s pride…

All I want for Christmas…

I do love the Christmas season. Not one for exaggerated lighting, dancing santas or too much tinsel, but do I love the idea of spending time with loved ones, sharing a meal, a good movie and board game, glass of Bailey’s and little bit of bubbly. I spent the majority of my childhood going to … Continue reading All I want for Christmas…

I have learnt….

As another year passes, I am so very grateful to see another year, be surrounded by people whom I love and love me, have safe place to call home and to love what I do. It makes sense to take a moment to reflect on some things I have learnt…. So for starters, I always … Continue reading I have learnt….

Doing it all….

Someone recently asked me how I do ‘it’ all…. I’d never really thought about it to be honest. So I probed…what exactly is it that she thought I did? Her answer took me by surprise; a sharp intake of breath at her perception of how much I seem to do and realisation that I do … Continue reading Doing it all….


This year I bought am affirmation thumb ring which says ‘I am enough’; a beautiful simple silver circle that doesn’t close for easy sizing. I have always loved jewellery but these days I just wear my engagement ring so purchasing a statement piece was rather symbolic. When I saw it online, I resisted buying it … Continue reading Enough…

Daddy’s girl

I am a self confessed Daddy’s girl, so it only feels right to pen something on this special day celebrating father figures in our lives. I feel truly blessed to have grown up with my Dad, the once towering deep voiced figure that would teach me random Jamaican songs, how to ride my bike and … Continue reading Daddy’s girl

Action not words

To be comfortable in your own skin, happy in your life and successful in what you do, is that enough?when you come from an imperfect but loving home, learn about and discuss your parents journey to England so long ago, no matter how tough,with no real understanding of how they were treated, were made to … Continue reading Action not words

Be unstoppable

Out for a run this morning (it’s been a long time since recovering from an achilles injury. Jogging along I normally focus on one lamppost at a time to distract my mind away about how far I have to go….as I turn a corner all of the lampposts are in a other side of the … Continue reading Be unstoppable

Winning when you don’t get gold

Much of the past weekend I watched my daughter perform in another competitive dance event. There were a huge number of children made up and filled with anxiety and excitement about getting on the stage and putting out their best performance after many many rehearsals. It’s funny how all of a sudden you, the non-qualified … Continue reading Winning when you don’t get gold

One pebble at a time

No matter how many times we’re reminded, I am constantly saddened by the fragility of life. Today I am grateful for my beautiful sister. It truly pains me to see you searching for your own peace of mind but I stand resolute in my commitment to be strong, loving and patient for and with you. … Continue reading One pebble at a time


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